It’s never too late to
Begin again.
Life brings us chances
Where we have to start
From the scratch.
Some U turns
Some flyovers
Some roadblocks
We are always travelling.
Yet I am afraid of travelling.
When nothing remains same
How long can you hold on
For the sake of stability
And familiarity.
Embrace the road
It will take you places.




Storms in life teach you
To be humble.
To go with the flow.
To accept the situations life brings.
To surrender to destiny’s plan.
Yet not to give up on efforts
To make it better.

Storms in life teach you
Everyone can be your cheerleader
When times are good.
But keep close only those
Who stick around in tough times.

Storms in life teach you
Life is all about ups and downs
The highs would always be followed by lows
Make most of the highs.
Don’t lose hope in lows.
Winters make way for the summer
This too shall pass.



Loneliness taught me
That we are born complete
Capable of taking care of us.
We don’t need company.
Life is a busy affair
If you have family and few friends
Why should you care
About the rest.
Profession and passions
Should fill your calendar.
Days, weeks, months, years,
Will come and go.
Let’s keep life simple and celebrate all.
Everyone is unique yet follow a pattern
Sometimes high, sometimes low.
Gratitude and acceptance
Are the first steps to make life magical.
Be humble and work hard
Every step counts.



Be kind because
You don’t know what the other person is going through. Not everyone is okay with sharing their struggles. Tough times hit you hard even if you are a superhero. I like to be expressive about my struggles as it helps me in accepting it.And only if you accept it, you can process it and you can make peace with it.

My new year resolution is not loosing 10 Kg or reading 20 books though that would be great. My new year resolution is to accept my body the way it is. Be thankful for all it is capable of doing and becoming emotionally independent. Be more mindful and sharp at work. Be more responsible. Take ownership and move on. I wish health, wealth and safety for my family and friends. May 2023 be a stunning year with happiness, love and warmth of soul. I will write often to connect with my inner self but I will post less on Facebook and instagram as people spoil beautiful things.

I wish for a healthy, happy and successful 2023. These days I am at peace. I can express myself. I don’t feel suffocated or misunderstood. I don’t feel the need to wear a mask of smile while I am suffering inside. There is no inner or outer self it’s just me. I am not as pretty as I was 5 years ago but I don’t cry as much as I used to 5 years back. I feel heard and seen. Maybe I have processed and accepted that separated will be a permanent status. With acceptance comes liberation. 2022 was a good year it gave me an identity and financial independence. 2023 will be better. Fingers crossed.


GOA offsite 2022

December 2022
As I bid adieu to 2022, the year has been eventful, I enjoyed Good health, love from family, bit of travelling, taking baby steps to make my life count on my own. Despite the progress, the Goa offsite has been an eye opener where I got inspired by the talented people that surround me with their unique personalities. People who are good with networking, leading the teams, taking initiatives, bundles of energies, sharp, smart, in good shape full of confidence. I wish I was like them but the mirror in front of me questions my potential and how evolved is my personality. Often on birthdays and new years I reflect where do I stand and feel I am lagging behind both in personal and professional front. Then I wonder do my ailments define me and yes they form significant part of my restrictions but I can work upon myself and improve.
I enjoyed the Goa trip and I have gratitude for all the good things that have come my way. I aim to be an improved version of me, who is much more like the achievers and high energy people I work with. We stayed in Lalit golf and spa resort, Goa with sunset on the beach, late gossip nights, freedom from boundaries it was a liberating experience. I never thought work could be fun too. But I now want to make friends in office. I feel proud of the fact that I am part of a super talented team and leaders who are grounded and try to be inclusive. I wish my contract gets renewed and I get to grow within the system. I am grateful for all the blessings I have. I wish to be a talkative extrovert or an ambivert at least there is so much of positivity around and happy faces. I am glad I am part of KFC India team. Thanks to God and blessings of family I feel humbled.



My fears, I wish
Are always weaker
Than my blessings.
May I always have loved ones
Around me to take care of me
When I can’t.
Also I want to die early
Before I become a burden
On someone else.
I wanted to have a normal life.
But even if that’s not possible
At least I wish to stay healthy and happy



There’s a clock in my brain
That tells me I am not getting any younger.
The grey hair peeping from my head
Tells me time is running out.
The disinterest in people at large
Tell me it’s a lonely journey ahead
I have come so far.

There’s a clock in my brain
That tells me it’s okay to not be on time always
Take it easy.
Everyone will reach in their own sweet time.
It is a race and I have missed a few milestones
But I am grateful for the journey
I have come so far.

There’s a clock in my brain
That will stop working one day.
But until I make it to that day
I will make most of it.
I may not tick all my to do list
I have my own limitations.
But I will make most of my time here.
With a heart full of gratitude
I have come so far.