Your face is like a mirror
It reflects everything
The love, the light and the hope
It’s all in your smile and hugs.
I am lucky to have your love.
Even when you scold
Or your stare is cold
It’s for my own benefit
One day I might move on
And there might be physical distances
But deep in my heart
You will always be close.
Thanks for your presence in my life.



Health is a gift
Which should not be taken
For granted.
For every minute of good health enjoyed
We should be grateful.
When it happens to others
We think it’s just others
We are safe.
Its just when we are impacted
Or our people get infected
We realize it’s not as simple
Or harmless like a game.

Health is a gift
Hospitals are scary places.
It is our responsibility
To take care of our health.
As long as we own it
And be grateful to God
We will have a safe sail.
Not to be taken for granted
Always wanted in optimal equilibrium
Wishing safety and good health
To everyone
Happy world health day!!



The air is warmer than before
Your words are sharper than a knife
You are filled with so much of anger
I wonder who fueled it for you.
Decisions whose impact last lifetime
Should not be taken under the influence
Of negative emotions.
The mind gets clouded
And it drowns everyone.
Look for hope and positivity
Everyone seeks companionship
Why are you running away?
Stay, hold on to hope
We have invested so much
In each others growth
Let’s not fail each other
Together we will win this.



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Autumn in my heart
How far will I go
Each leaf a dream
How many do I chase.
Some released and realized
Some taken away by the wind
And forgotten.
How many do I save.
I will wait for the spring flowers
They make me happy
Though for just one season
Autumn may take away few dreams
But not my reasons
To paint my life happy.
I will chase every dream
And keep my eyes
On the horizon.



I wish I could meet you
And make you comprehend
What you mean to me.
A mistake done by an erroneous mind
Is not reason enough
To loose a life long companionship.
Hope you become sensible enough
To make the right choice.
Letting go is easier said than done
When in reality
People become habitual
Of each other’s personalities.
Doesn’t matter how involved
I become in life and living in the now
My mind keeps jumping back to
The memories of time spent with you.
Maybe I will heal with time
Maybe I will develop new habits
But my heart will always revisit times
Spent with you.



Dear Anger

When you arrive
Even Angels loose their cool
You occupy all the space
With none left for love,
Apology and forgiveness.
You give birth to heated discussions
With mean words
Aimed at hurting others.
You even defeat the brain
And the decisions made in your presence
Cause more damage than relief.
It’s only once you leave
One could assess the damage done
And do something to restore peace.
But the remnants of ego and wounds
Of charged arguments
Make reconciliation tough.



For me love looks like
A promise of sticking together
Through thick and thin alike.
A promise to protect you
As long as I breathe.
I will never take you
Or your affection for granted.
Everything is transient.
Choose to come back
And you won’t have any regret.
I wish you were as committed
As I thought.



It’s lonely here without you
But I have learnt from you
That life is less about others
And more about one’s own goals.
I will focus on my growth
I am all I got and somehow
That’s sufficient.
Love is just an aspect of life
But not life in entirety
There’s much more to explore
Let me paint my life happy.
It’s okay to fail in one aspect
When you are doing okay on others
Just like you and I will follow.



If water didn’t exist
There would be no life
We are eighty percent water
And without water
The remaining twenty percent
Would be of no use.
We should use water responsibly
For the future generations to come
Life can’t be lived in scarcity.
May there be abundant water
To support the abundance of life.
Happy world water day!!